About Drunken Library

Drunken Library is a virtual archive of previously published prose & poetry that is uncommonly read or scarcely available. Either because of its age or its printed nature, the literature of Drunken Library is collected for your ease and convenience – to experience nourishment that may be otherwise hard to locate.

The gathering began in 2012 when this “librarian” realized she could not bring her favorite passages to bed. Through Drunken Library’s stacks, she hopes to liberate great writing from its printed bondage and create an experience for readers to relish in the language of the past and the present.

I encourage you, dear reader, to swim through our library, dwell in the thoughts and expressions of minds from the past, and begin the intimate journey of knowing thyself – and nourishing yourself – through it all.

Photo 810Please enjoy the these virtual files of extraordinary minds.

About the Creator

Hilary Marie Scheppers is a Los Angeles-based poet from Minnesota. She has an MFA in Poetry from Sarah Lawrence College and a BA from Loyola Marymount University. She loves mountains, music and poems.

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