Top 10 Actions to #ResistIgnorance

1. Call Congress Everyday: 202-225-3121

People like Michael Moore,,, & Indivisible will share what to ask of Congress every day. Even if you don’t know who your member of Congress is, the operator will connect you – just give them your zip code. Call your state representative.

“Make this part of your new daily routine.” – Michael Moore

2. Join a Group.

Planned Parenthood. Sierra Club. Environmental groups. Maybe you have contributed, volunteered or supported a group – but now is the time to JOIN. Find a YOUR group.

3. Form Your Own Personal Rapid Response Team (PRRT)

Form a group of 5-10 family members or friends, the people you are going to call text or email on any given day when we have to move fast.

4. Take Over the Democratic Party

Participate and reform what is there. We need leadership. Find a way to be a leader in transforming the political party.

5. You Have to Run for Office

Even if you’re introverted. Maybe you assist your extroverted friend with their campaign?

Twitter: @ActionGroupNet
Facebook: Action Group Network

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