Drunken Library’s Album of the Month – May 2015

Drunken Library’s Album of the Month

It is with great pleasure that we announce this month’s featured album to blast as Strangers by RAC.


Technically known as Remix Artist Collective, this is the solo-project of a man named André Allen Anjos, originally from Portugal. He works diligently to reinvent artists’ songs for a distinct and fresh sound. He has done a number of quality remixes in his lengthy career with production, sound engineering and the music business. Strangers, however, is the his first full-length album – a product of collaborative genius.


It is perfect timing that this release came in the spring, just as we are itching our legs to stretch, move and dance again as the sun comes out from it’s winter barracks. Featuring artists like Tegan & Sara, Penguin Prison, Tokyo Police Club, Alex Ebert, Karl Kling, Kele & MNDR, the whole album is rich with fresh voices and packed with dance pop.

Have a quick listen . . .

You just have to buy it. Really.

With lyrics like “we all know you’re made of plastic, you might seem like something classic, but your cheap sunglasses. . . I see right through you,” it has a flair of punk within it’s groovy boogie summer feel.

Our favorite single . . .

This artist is definitely one to notice, given that his work has permeated the airstreams under the radar for so long. Now do him justice by jamming to each track for the rest of May and see how much more joy you’ll have.