Song to Close 2016: “I Feel It Coming” – The Weeknd and Daft Punk

This is pure golden liquid ecstasy, and really, valuable to every part of our musical bodies. Mmmm. Abel’s voice mixed with funk royalty couldn’t be a better, stronger, collaboration. This song is arguably the best song of the year, and one to say (dance) goodbye to 2016. We will be playing it all December. As always, enjoy & repeat.

Drunken Library’s Album of the Month – November


Because we hesitated to highlight an October album – we are featuring two for the month of November.


Our first recommendation for the month is The Fight by the french duo Lilly Wood & The Prick.

If you’ve heard the Robin Schulz Remix of “Prayer in C” then you’re already familiar with the female vocals of Lilly Wood & The Prick. Nili Hadida & Benjamin Cotto create a cool electro-pop vibe with a twist of funk in The Fight. Unlike popular pop, this has experimental alternative flavors that indicate stale feelings of teen angst. On every track there’s jamming instrumentals paired with brooding contemplative lyrics, like “I’ve been trying to get myself to be quiet / I’ve been trying to get myself better.” The band sings “give me back my youth, my strength, my happiness” as if the album ought to bring them back to a happier place. As avid music listeners and fans, we nod along swaying our hips because we agree with truth when we hear it.

“If you expect too much of things and people in general you can only be disappointed.”


Listening suggestion: Play on vinyl at a holiday get-together with warm beverages and tinseled decorations.

Our second recommendation is Golden Echo by Kimbra.


Kimbra caught worldly attention first with her duet in Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know.” Now on her own album she comes out with surrealist and transcendental vibrations that get you lost in a whole new world. We get lost in her beyond catchy tunes that are just littered with funk influence. You will be transported back to the “heat of the moment” in “Teen Heat” and you’ll feel like “tearing up the streets” in “90s Music”. Our favorite track is (so hard to choose) “Waltz Me to the Grave” because of the three part trip it triggers. The slowed tempo with the echoing high-pitched chorus really dances you “down to the ground.” You’ll enter a place of “love and disarray” as you drown in a psychedelic high from Kimbra’s metallic voice.

Listening suggestion: Blast “Madhouse” during that time between slipping out of the shower and sneaking out of the house.