Drunken Library’s Grammy Wish – We Are King

One studio album that stood out to us this year was We Are KINGthe debut full-length album that emerged from Minneapolis and LA based group KING.


Nominated for Best Urban Contemporary Artist, this all soul, all female group, has launched itself into the same category as Rihanna and Beyoncé. Two twin sisters, Paris and Amber Strother, and long-time friend Anita Bias, make up the dreamsicle pop-like trio who gathered much of their musical prowess and influence from Prince, which shouldn’t come as a surprise once you hear their music.

It was a tough year, they mentioned at their New Year’s Eve show at the Fine Line Music Café in Minneapolis on December 31st, 2016. To lose Prince wasn’t easy when he had been their mentor. They continued to say how Prince’s encouragement to continue writing their music their way was what got them to a grammy nomination. He guaranteed that we would be nominated if we kept doing what we were doing and sure enough we did. 

At the New Year’s show I found myself among an intimate crowd of friends and family, and the vibe couldn’t have been more ethereal or surreal. The warm spiritual sounds of synth-pop rose from the stage like tropical vapor. There was so much freshness, vitality, authenticity, and groove in the music. I lost track of time and danced slowly, swaying, child-like. Congratulations to KING for already making beautiful music and for creating a beautiful beginning for their artistry to soar into our ears.

Listen to our favorites:

Native Land

In the Meantime

Find out more at WeAreKing.com & check their tour dates.

Tune in for the Grammys on CBS Sunday Feb 12.