“The Fight to Save NYC’s Storied Public Library . . .” – Maureen Corrigan


Since it opened in 1911, the building has become a New York City landmark, praised not only for its beauty but also for its functional brilliance. In the words of one contemporary architect, the main branch of The New York Public Library at Fifth Avenue and 42ndStreet is “a perfect machine for reading.” The grand Reading Room sits atop seven levels of iron and steel books stacks whose contents could, at one time, be delivered to anybody who requested a book within a matter of minutes via a small elevator. Those stacks also support the floor of the Reading Room above.

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Drunken Library’s Album of the Month – December



Wild Animals by Trampled By Turtles

December marks our retreat back to snowy wilderness roots – so listening to this traditional bluegrass/folk-rock band originally from northern Minnesota is the perfect music to stream through your headphones.


The music, if you are really listening, will actually flip your heart upside down because it’s dripping with unembellished truth. Once you’re over the biting heart ache that is evoked from the echoing howls in “Hollow” and “Ghosts,” you’ll experience extreme gratitude for the musical skill of the winter craftsmen that created this. You will breathe fuller and love deeper. Raw is the best word to describe its lyrics. Lugubrious (look it up) is the word to describe its tone.

“I’m a monster just like you – I’m an animal, it’s true.”

Listening suggestion: Get out your paint set, find a blank canvas, and turn on “Winners.”

Follow them http://trampledbyturtles.com.

See their amazing live NPR Tiny Desk Concert with more songs.

After listening to their music, you’ll feel like you’ll make it through the darkest and coldest nights. You will feel like you found everything you need “buried deep beneath the leaves.”