Drunken Library’s Album of the Month – August


Look Like You Love It – Elliphant

August’s album (technically an EP) is Look Like You Love It by Elliphant, a swedish pop artist whose sound is loud, passionate and engrossing. She embodies a fierceness of a wild sub-Saharan desert beast ready to stomp out any obstacle. Her style is aggressively motivating with lyrics like “fuck tomorrow / we’re only getting younger” and “prison is for you to visit and get out of” — nothing scares the Elliphant. With collaborations between Diplo and Skrillex, her music hits full-throttle in your speakers, demanding you to release your bottled emotions at the same intensity too — “all or nothing.” She can hit darker moods like “I need you to take all my shadows for a walk tonight” from “Down On Life,” however, she stays true to her power stance, uplifting with “You may be poor but music is free / a shitty day but then you press play,” proving that her music is meant to empower.


Check out her newest single “Music Is Life” here.